21 West Church Street Mascoutah, IL 62258

Why people choose us

Our Reputation

Our reputation for honesty and integrity, coupled with great results and quality service. Small town charm, large city conveniences.

Professional Team

When you lease with BailCo Properties, you are engaging one of the areas most dedicated and well-resourced teams.

Our Experience

In 2016, BailCo Properties celebrates our 40th anniversary. To celebrate we planted 40 trees around the community .

Our Community

BailCo offers one, two, three and four bedroom floorplans in a variety of locastions and neighborhoods in Southern Illinois.

Management team

Brian K.

Brian will prove to you that not all Property Managers are the same. With his likeable personality, drive for success and extensive local experience you can rest assured that there is no better to assist you.

Brenda N.

Brenda is an award winning Property Manager providing housing services in the local market for over 16 years, offering her clients a strong local profile and an edge in what can be a very competitive market.

Maintenance team

Mark L

Mark utilizes skills as an electrician, plumber, painter, HVAC technician and roofer to ensure your leasing experience is carefree allowing you to concentrate on other interest knowing your home is well maintained.

Bruce M

Bruce, our professional painter, creates the fresh new look you will encounter when leasing a new home from Bail-Co Properties. He excels in making the backdrops for your personal belongings clean and bright.

Sean H

Sean gives our larger complexes a pristine exterior look by trimming landscape, cutting lawns and ensuring common areas, sidewalks, and driveways are clean and clear of impediment in all weather for you.

Most reputable property management company in region. Looking for a place to rent? You're in the right place!

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